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E-health & M-health Consulting in Kenya

Elkay Solutions Kenya specializes in ehealth and mhealth strategy and program management. Elkay Solutions Kenya core competence is in applying its expertise, knowledge, experience and relationships in healthcare to produce maximum value for its clients from their investments in ICT-enabled change programs.

As a consequence, the focus of Elkay Solutions Kenya ehealth and mhealth consulting is in strategy and policy, architecture, business case development, program design, and then in implementing well-governed programmatic change in:

  • Healthcare service design and delivery;
  • ICT / eHealth enablement.

A key feature of the firm’s service model is a continuous focus on benefits realization and a portfolio management approach to the suite of programs that are both necessary and sufficient to achieve our clients’ strategic and operational goals.

Elkay Solutions Kenya and its staff have delivered high-impact and influential consultancy projects for clients at the institutional, regional, jurisdictional and national levels with exceptional levels of satisfaction. The firm has expertise in the private and public domains, and in the acute, primary, diagnostic and aged and community care sectors.

We take a systemic view of the health system and have deep knowledge of the relationships and flows between all settings, and the policy, legislative, cultural and professional forces that influence them.

Health Systems Strengthening in Kenya

WHO defines the term health system as the sum total of all organizations, institutions and resources whose primary purpose is to improve health. A good health system not only requires well-developed financing mechanisms, well-trained staff and good management, but also good infrastructure to deliver high quality standards regarding medicines and technologies.

Most developing countries lack at least two of the mentioned indicators of a good health system. Highly populated countries face particular challenges as they need to organize health coverage of much bigger population groups. This becomes a major financial problem if the proportion of the poor outnumbers the proportion of the middle-income or rich.

The means available to improve health systems in developing countries are generally limited, but there is still potential that can be tapped. Capacity development and measures strengthening health systems are applied to achieve this goal.

Our approach

In many developing countries weak health systems infrastructure does not allow for high quality service delivery. Elkay Solutions Kenya assists agencies, ministries and organizations in improving health systems in their countries.

With years of hands-on experience we work as project managers and technical advisors on multi-year and complex health system reform processes.

Range of services

Elkay Solutions Kenya provides a wide range of services in health systems strengthening, i.e. capacity development activities such as reforming and restructuring organizational setups, establishing legal frameworks and improving technical infrastructure. In addition, trainings and workshops on financial, strategic and quality management are offered to local staff.

Health financing is another key element that aims at universal health care coverage. Elkay Solutions Kenya assists ministries and organizations with technical and strategic inputs.

Elkay Solutions Kenya also advises on optimizing daily processes in order is to increase workflow effectiveness. In addition, Elkay Solutions Kenya experts improve monitoring and evaluation tools, which ensure the detailed documentation of organizational processes.


Institutional Capacity Building Consulting Services in Kenya

Capacity development is the process whereby people, organizations and institutions (society) as a whole unleash, strengthen, create, adapt and maintain capacity over time. Capacity building is often understood to mean a purposeful, external intervention to strengthen capacity over time.

Elkay Solutions Kenya is committed to respond to a wide array of capacity building requirements, provided through national and international programmes and implemented through a multitude of shorter and longer term transformations. Our services include:

  • Development of legal and institutional frameworks
  • Design of new socio-economic policies and/or policy reform agendas
  • Development of horizontal, cross-cutting, functional capacities of beneficiary institutions / design and
  • introduction of new management practices, procedures, regulations, service delivery practices
  • Learning and Knowledge development & acquisition: Development of skills, knowledge and experience through formal “classroom” training, on the job training, mentoring and coaching
  • Needs and capacity assessments
  • Technical and functional training plans to meet development goals
  • Institutional development and strengthening
  • Technical assistance to government and development agencies
  • Mentoring and train-the-trainers approaches
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Learning exchanges
  • Strategic planning support
  • Knowledge management
  • Education and awareness raising campaigns
  • Change management strategies

Strategy & Policy development Consultants in Kenya

Policy development is an intricate process usually requiring complex efficiency and equity trade-offs to find solutions that are both pragmatic and workable.

Elkay Solutions Kenya has extensive experience in many areas of policy analysis, review and development.
We apply a range of analytical approaches, including data analysis and modelling, program evaluation, logic modelling, surveys and stakeholder consultation.

Elkay Solutions Kenya can:

  • Design policies so as to achieve intended outcomes and avoid unintended outcomes
  • Develop policy frameworks
  • Assess the trade-offs between different ways of achieving policy goals
  • Identify, extract and analyze qualitative and quantitative data
  • Design and conduct surveys, and analyze and interpret results
  • Undertake literature reviews and analyze existing data sources
  • Understand complex policy and program environments, including multiple layers of government or agencies
  • Manage sensitive policy issues involving consultation with vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

Our policy work covers numerous fields including energy, health, education, infrastructure, transport and communications, legal affairs, addressing Indigenous disadvantage, environmental protection, arts, heritage, national security and social welfare.

Research Consultants in Kenya

Elkay Solutions Kenya consists of highly experienced research consultants. Working through a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods, we adapt to the complexity of local environments. Our methodological approaches are designed to translate complexity into actionable recommendations.

We ensure the voices of diverse stakeholders inform all our work, using the optimal mix of approaches: interviews, focus groups, direct observation, participatory research and perception surveys.

Our reports, policy briefs and assessments provide clients with action-focused findings and recommendations. As an organization we strive to promote innovative methodologies and we work with leading thematic experts to provide “thought leadership” in the areas of conflict analysis, political economy analysis and stakeholder mapping. We have designed and delivered research studies in fragile environments throughout Kenya and abroad as well.

We work with our clients to deliver:

  • Governance assessments
  • Civil society mapping
  • Conflict and early warning systems
  • Political Economy Analysis
  • Conflict analysis
  • Capacity building in research skills
  • Field-based and remote data collection

Maternal, Newborn, & Child Health Consulting Services in Kenya

Elkay Solutions is a leader in developing and implementing effective new strategies that save women’s and children’s lives. Our key approaches include:

  • Improving the performance of health workers as they care for women and newborns, including by:
    • Integrating services
    • Strengthening basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric and newborn care
    • Building health workers’ skills in key interventions, such as active management of the third stage of labor
    • Improving referral systems
  • Building partnerships between health workers and communities to improve quality of care.
  • Using mobile phones, eLearning, and other technologies to improve maternal, newborn, and child health care.
  • Training health workers to recognize obstructed labor and prevent obstetric fistula.
  • Training health workers to recognize neonatal signs of distress and refer clients as necessary for immediate care and treatment.
  • Integrating prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission into all aspects of maternal, newborn, and child health care.
  • Training health workers in the treatment of major causes of illness and death of children under five, including malaria, acute respiratory infections, diarrheal disease, and malnutrition
  • Advocating for and helping countries develop policies that enable frontline health workers to offer promotive, preventive, curative, and palliative primary health care.

Monitoring & Evaluation Consultants in Kenya

The advice and guidance of an experienced monitoring and evaluation consultant can be instrumental in steering an organization and its programmes and projects towards success, encouraging positive transformation through continuous learning and improving.

Elkay Solutions delivers inspirational and innovative monitoring and evaluation consultancy services to help organisations learn and improve.

Equipped with a team of knowledgeable and professional monitoring and evaluation consultants, we are an expert in assisting organizations maximize their impact and implement interventions that work.

We believe in working closely together with our clients to achieve great things. Elkay Solutions offers close and personalized support to organizations. The ongoing support and feedback provided by our evaluation consultants enables our clients to learn and improve.

Our approach towards evaluation consultancy combines a distinct orientation towards collaboration with technical competence, flexibility and a deep understanding of the evaluation design and implementation process.

Our monitoring and evaluation consultancy services are comprehensive and well-balanced. Skilled monitoring and evaluation consultants will deliver any necessary impact assessments and programme evaluations, in addition to the development of monitoring and evaluation frameworks and theories of change. In conjunction with this, our monitoring and evaluation consultants can recommend and provide in-house training on a range of subjects, such as questionnaire design and interview techniques.

Reinforced by a proven history of success with diverse organizations, the monitoring and evaluation consultancy services provided by us are well-established and trustworthy. We at Elkay Solutions are committed to improving the impact practice of organizations and in cultivating an evaluative culture.


Proposal Development Consulting Services in Kenya

Elkay Solutions has provided complete high quality proposal development services to a broad sector of the business community, especially in preparing proposals for a variety of corporate and government contracts. We have a track record of winning proposals (single awards) in the fields of Healthcare, Information Technology Architectural/Engineering and Construction, Management Consulting, and other business sectors.

Our professional proposal development consultants together with our RFP writers cooperate with your business development specialists and/or your technical or operations manager to develop the win strategy, win themes, and proposal messages that will focus your customer’s attention on your capabilities.

It is very important to understand the Government’s needs and requirements, as well as to accurately interpret its solicitations. However, even more important is how your company is planning to deliver an adequate solution to convince the evaluation panel that you are the best fit.

Our professional proposal development services include:

  • Proposal Management Services
  • Proposal Writing Consulting Services
  • Proposal Writing Strategy and Win Themes
  • Technical Writing, Editing and Layout
  • Color Team Review
  • Graphic and Conceptual Design
  • Proposal Desktop Publishing
  • Proposal Production
  • Oral Presentation Support
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