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Sustainable Procurement

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Sustainable Procurement & Supplies

Our procurement & supplies team aim at achieving excellence in service, consistency in quality standards and access to innovation, and at increasing value for Elkay Solutions. Equally, we are committed to engaging and workings with our suppliers to continuously raise the sustainability standards in our supply chain and to ensure the rights of workers are respected.

We believe we should actively drive social, economic and environmental improvements in our supply chain, ultimately helping to improve society at large. We recognize that the long term sustainable development of our suppliers is critical to our joint success, and that our supply chain partners share many of the same risks and opportunities as we do.

By working with our suppliers and their communities, we believe we can address those risks and develop shared opportunities to the benefit of all. We are committed to developing long term relationships with our suppliers, and actively select and favour those who share our values and sustainability commitments.

In Procurement, we believe we have a key role to play to accelerate growth and social development in our supply chain; reduce carbon and waste across the value chain to deliver financial and environmental value; and encourage responsible, sustainable use of land for our brewing crops.

This is underpinned by demanding core standards on issues such as human rights and labour standards and transparency and ethics.

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